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Friday, July 11, 2008

The Bestest Birthday Ever!

The other night, Mary Elizabeth decided to show us some of her hip moves. She is certainly a cheerleader to be reckoned with.

Kathryn Anne was trying to teach me some ultra cool dance moves.

I love having young cousins, I just wish they didn't live so stinking far away!

Yesterday, Aunt Bitsy sent me an email request that I attend a meeting in her office at 2:00. She sent me the invitation to put it on my calendar. When I got there, one of the attendees to the meeting was running late, so I had to sit and wait for a while.

After she finally arrived, Bitsy explained that I had been brought to the meeting under false pretenses. She actually pulled up a clue and gave me a box of candy. I read the clue and figured out that I was supposed to go to Kay Kay's office.

When I arrived at Kay Kay's, I read the next clue and got another box of candy and realized I was supposed to go to Andrea's office. From Andrea's office, with another clue and candy in my hand, I went to Jessica's office. Finally, leaving Jessica's office, I headed to Trudy's office where I decoded a special message: "The Brentwood, Franklin Suite Tonight."

Now, this whole time, I thought that my team at work was just really getting excited to celebrate my birthday, but now I find out that my most awesome, wonderful wife had planned a birthday getaway to our FAVORITE B & B.

That's the real reason why my mom came! Wow! I was so shocked that Abbey was able to surprise me so well. She had even emailed my boss to ask off for today for me.

We had a restful and relaxing time at the B & B and were ready to get home and see the Reedster.

When we got home, we found that our fabulous cousins had organized Reed's toys to perfection! It is amazing!

After Reed's nap it was time for us to sneak away again with Brandon and Tamara for my birthday supper at the Melting Pot. It was our first time to visit the Melting Pot and we were not disappointed. A while back we decided that this would be the only splurge we would use our "stimulus check" on. It was well-worth it, even though we usually don't spend money so frivolously. Sometimes, you just need to treat yourself though!

Mom, Reed, ME, and KA went to H'ville to the fountains and had a great time.

I guess my age is showing when you find out that we actually beat them home!

Ultimately, I would have to say that this is probably one of the very best birthday's I have ever had. AND guess what? Two little baby boys were born on today that I know there parents! Mom and I get to share our birthdays with them too. (And it is also my Aunt Betty's birhtday!)

I am sure that it won't shock you to find out that I got two CVS giftcards for my birthday!
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