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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy Independence Day! (1 Day Late!)

"Why am I up so early in the morning?"

"Mommy, I have been sitting here for 40 million hours getting pictures made. I want to run!"

"Boy, I sure do have a lot of family!"

"Aunt Molly and Uncle John sure do have a nice house!"

"Uncle John helped me make the right decision."

"I think I'd like to run now."

"Aunt Ava's lemonade is yummy!"

"Wow, cousin Sam is a big guy and he has a lot of Mississippi State stuff! I am not sure if Mississippi State is on my Mommy and Daddy's approved list of colleges."

"Hey, how did that picture get on here, this is a blog about me."

"Uh, hello?? Did anybody here me. Uncle Jason and Mommy you need to go take care of Ella."

"Pop Rox pushes this car really good."

"I think I would like to run some more now."

"Cousin Brady has a really nice beach ball."

"I agree with everything Aunt Molly has to say as long as she keeps those yummy grapes coming my way!"


Okay, I'm going to take over for Reed now. We're back from Memphis where we celebrated the 4th with a bunch of extended family. It was good to see some cousins and relatives that we hadn't seen in a while. Many of them had never met Reed.

Reed traveled well, and we will be bringing a topic of debate to the blog this week based on our travel. Be ready to comment.

And now ... in case any of you were wondering if we were still hypermiling in an attempt to conserve gas.

When we started hypermiling, we were averaging 16-18 mpg in Abbey's van. Now, we are averaging 23-24 mpg. In my Jeep I was getting 19-20 mpg and now 22-23. I think that we're doing good!
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