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Sunday, July 06, 2008

This Post Brought to You by Spam!

Tonight we had one of my favorite meals for supper. When we were in Seminary, I had this meal pretty often as Abbey was usually in night classes and I was home alone, but she did learn to "eat" Spam without much grimace. Tonight, however, it was a different story. She wasn't just thrilled with the Spam meal, but it was good to me!

After church today, Uncle Bubba met us and we ate at Catfish House. After lunch, we came home and I put Reed down for naptime. He was completely zonked, so it didn't take long for him to go to sleep. Afterwards, Uncle Bubba and I went outside to clean the van, my Jeep, and then Uncle Bubba's car. It was so HOT! Abbey stayed inside and swiffered the floors and did laundry.

Reed had a good nap and was ready to play when he woke up.

Tonight we had the honor of attending the baptism of our friend Carah. When you serve on church staff, you have the honor of knowing many families, but Carah is ultra special because I worked with her daddy. Danny and I served on staff together, so we were able to spend LOTS of time with each other's families. Carah has been such a special girl to us since we have lived in Nashvegas.

It must have been an incredible honor for Danny to be able to baptize his little girl.

We are so proud of Carah's decision to make Jesus her Lord and Savior!

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