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Monday, July 28, 2008

Mississippi: Hit & Miss

Last night, we went to Aunt Ava's and Uncle Brookie's. Lola is here in Jackson helping Aunt Ava get ready for her new classroom. Abbey is going to go and help today.

We watched Design Star last night and we are definitely hoping that Jennifer wins.

We also watched the finale` of Next Food Network Star. Can we just say that Lisa Garza got ROBBED! She totally should have one!

My mom and I went to CVS yesterday and scored some pretty good deals. I think it was the most friendly CVS I have ever been in.

Now, to the title of this email.

There are certainly some things that we love about our homestate and there are some things that we don't miss at all. Here's our list.


1. Family and Friends: We have so many family members in friends here in Mississippi and we miss being far away from them.

2. Homes with Character: Mississippi has not gotten so much into the "cookie cutter" mode of building homes, so neighborhood have so much character and BRICK! Man, do we miss brick!!!

3. McAlister's, BOPS, Fernandos, and Old Venice: McAlister's are everywhere here, BOPS frozen custard is the best, and we've already written about Old Venice and Fernando's.

4. Traffic: There isn't any!

5. Slower Pace: Everything moves a little slower here and we love that.

6. Property Values: Bigger for less!


1. Friends: We have some very dear friends in Tennessee and God has blessed us so abundantly with them!

2. My Job: Unlike most careers, mine is available only in Nashvegas.

3. Our Town: We love the town that we live in. Close to Nashvegas and yet you still know people everywhere you go. And, it's way more affordable!

4. Church: Every church has its problems and ours is no exception, but we definitely love it! Our friends and Sunday School kids are the best!

5. Allergens: While Tennessee certainly has it's share of sneeze producers, Mississippi drives Reed and my sinus's crazy!!!

6. Roads: I just thought they were bad in Tennessee.

Mississippi will always have a special place in our hearts, but we are so thankful for our life in Tennessee!
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