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Sunday, July 13, 2008

CVS Strategy Turned Tragedy and back to Strategy

I was really excited on Thursday to find an email coupon from CVS. I took Enna to CVS to show her how to work the ECBs, but they didn't have any of the items that I needed.

After we went to dinner the other night, we made plans with the Batson's to go to another CVS on Saturday so that I could show Tamara how to CVS. This CVS had the items I wanted, but guess what? I forgot to use my coupons that CVS had emailed me! bummer! I was not happy and Brandon took great pleasure in pointing it out to me.

Today, I went back to redeem myself and I was able to succeed pretty well. Check out my weekend purchases above. I went in today with 6 ECBs and came out with 19 ECBs.

Tonight, Danny and Megan came over to watch Design Star with us. While they were here, they went shopping through the CVS stuff. Look for the little arm in the picture. Reed wanted to help.

Reed thought that Danny and Megan needed a lot of Dawn!

"You need a can of pledge for your new house, Mr. Danny."

I think that Reed might want to be a bag-boy for his first job.

And one more bottle of Dawn for good measure.
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