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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Playtime at Miss Jennifer's!

Reed woke up at 12:15, 1:22, 2:39, 3:49, and 4:19 this morning. He was really ready to go and see Miss Jennifer. We just wanted some sleep!

Reed LOVES Miss Jennifer! He REALLY loves Miss Jennifer. We love Miss Jennifer as well. She is such a blessing and Reed loves it when he gets to go to her house and play because she has awesome toys!

And she has an awesome tree!

Reed loves all of God's creation!

Reed enjoys pushing Miss Jennifer's wagon.

He also has a blast playing with her blocks.

The rocky horse is really cool, too!

Miss Jennifer, I know you are reading this! You are the BEST!

Reed always falls asleep on the way home from Miss Jennifer's house.

Imagine my surprise when I got home from work and Reed and I were dressed alike. Abbey is always asleep when I leave for work, so she doesn't know what I wear. Not only did Reed and I both have on our red polos, we both had olive pants on too!

After supper, we played in the backyard for a little while.

Is it just us, or does Reed look like he is growing up too quickly?

We think he is definitely hitting a growth spurt, because it has affected his mood, his sleep, and his appetite.

I know the above picture is blurry, but you just have to see the joy on his face. His happiness is so amazing. He brightens our day!

After playing in the backyard for a little while, we had to take some things over to Britton's house. Tomorrow, Abbey and Tamara are fixing supper for baby Cooper's parents, so they were coordinating the meal.

Of course, Reed loves going over to Britton's hosue, so he didn't mind the quick trip.

Here are some more questions and answers from last night's CVS post.

Kerry asked: "How much time per week do you spend on this process?"

Kerry, I've never actually timed it, but I am pretty sure that I probably spend about 1.5 hours each week making my list and probably another 1.5 going to CVS, but I usually do that on my lunch break or before the family wakes up on Sundays. If I go in the afternoon, Reed always goes with me. I also have developed an excel spreadsheet that calculates my ECBs, coupons, totals, and taxes. It's not 100% accurate, but it is pretty close. I also have a coupon book that keeps my coupons fairly organized.

Julie asked: "Do you ever find any good diaper deals at CVS?"

Julie, we have bought the CVS brand diapers before when they were on sale and they are actually really great diapers. Abbey is very picky about the diaper brands and we have mostly used Huggies, but after trying the CVS diapers, she agreed they were really good. I think either next week or the next week, they are going to have ECBs on CVS diapers.

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