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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Welcome Baby Cooper! 7/11/08

Enna and the girls got on the road this morning around 7:00ish, I think. I can't remember the exact time, but that really doesn't matter does it. We hated to see them go, because it was so much fun having them here.

I wish that my family lived closer to us! We miss them so much, and we would love for Reed to be able to grow up with them closer to him, but so far I have been unable to convince them to move up here. They have jobs that can be done anywhere, but my company is only located here in Nashville, so I can't really relocate!

Around lunch, we were able to meet baby Cooper! I am going to have a special bond with Coop because we share the same birthday. The Batson's came along with us, so here's a pic of the Daddies and Sons.

Coop is a chunk! He is so cute and sweet!

Reed was not nearly as thrilled with Cooper as he was the balloons that Cooper had received.

Mommy got a chance to hold Cooper. It was hard to believe how light he was. Even though he's a big baby, he's not as heavy as Reedman.

Here's a pic of me and Coop.

Reed did eventually find Cooper interesting. I think we need to work on the word "gentle" with Reed.
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