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Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun With Joshi

Uncle Bobby and Joshi arrived at Poppy and Enna's bright and early this morning. She has grown so much since the last time we saw her. She's so pretty.

... And happy!

Poppy and Enna took Reed and Joshi to Enna's school to show them off, I mean, work.

The kids charmed Enna's principal. I wonder if they got her a raise?

Joshi started getting sleepy after a little while, but they got to sit in a cool double chair first!

Do you think my son has a fascination with balls? He loves to play ball! It is so funny, because knowing Abbey and I, who would have thought it?

After naptime, it was time to go to the funeral home and meet Daddy's coworkers. Reed finally got to meet Uncle Rod, Mrs. Sandra, Jenny, and Mrs. Joyce. Jenny, I'll come help you with CVS before we leave, hopefully!

While the kids were being spoiled by grandparents, Bobby, Trae, and I hung out at Trae's house. Aunt Alyson had to work and Abbey went to help Aunt Ava set up her room.

We all went to Outback for supper. Reed was very clingy to his daddy. You know I didn't mind that!

Reed loves his Uncle Bobby and Uncle Trae! They are the best!

Here's a family picture sans Enna. We should have gotten someone to take the picture so that Enna could have been in it!
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