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Friday, August 01, 2008

Detox Update!

So, last night wasn't so bad. Reed actually went to bed after only a little crying and then he woke up briefly in the middle of the night. He slept until about 7:40 this morning.

After breakfast, we started cleaning out the closet. While cleaning we found this t-shirt that we bought for Reed while in Taiwan (Formosa). It has all of the native tribes of Taiwan. Reed is from the Amis tribe which is the one on the bottom middle.

We cleaned the closet and then Uncle Bubba came over after he got off work. We're going to clean out our garage tomorrow, so Bill is going to spend the night.

The closet was quite a monster. Our closet is one of the selling points to our house. It's huge. So huge, in fact, that Abbey suggested that we put a desk in it to make it her office for writing. I thought it sounded like a good idea, so we immediately went to work organizing the closet (NOTE: we've been meaning to do this since we bought the house back in November.).

I was able to get rid of enough clothes that I we were able to but the desk up to my side of the closet.

Abbey also got rid of a bunch of clothes, so now, we have a desk in our closet. Well, actually, it is her Mimi's old kitchen table, but it will really be a great thing for Abbey since she can leave her stuff from her writing out and she can also work down in our bedroom when I go to sleep.

Reed actually handled all of the work really well. He was very much a Daddy's boy today, so I had to take several breaks to help him do some of the things his grandparents taught him how to do last week.

We went to see GG and B's new house after supper and Reed had fun running around on their land.

When we got hom, Reed had some "nekkid" time and he was being really silly.


4th Edition of the 7 Days of Abbey

4. Her work ethic. Abbey works so hard at everything she does. Whether she is doing something as a volunteer like teaching Sunday School or waiting tables at the catfish house, she does everything 100%! She keeps our house very clean (the way I like it!) and she also cooks supper and is an excellent mother. Somehow, she finds time to take care of her friends and also do her writing. It's amazing. She is such a hard worker and dedicated to everything she does.
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