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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday Workings

First of all, Carol, Lee, Leeann, and Jack!!!!! I was so glad to see a comment from y'all! You know y'all are one of my favorite families ever! We should have supper together so you all can meet Reed. Maybe Leeann could talk to him about going to sleep!

Abbey and Reed went swimming today while I was at work. It was, however, a disaster according to Abbey. Apparently Reed decided that he would rather be out of the pool than in the pool. To say our son is expressing his independence would be an understatement. The weird thing is that he is completely dependent upon us at bedtime. Strange.

After lunch, Tamara, Abbey, Britton, and Reed went to Target in H'ville to pick up some items for a Bible study that starts soon at church.

They were home by the time that I got home.

After I was home for about an hour, I had to go to teach a conference at a church in Hermitage. On the way home, I washed and vacuumed the van.

Abbey and Reed took some Sunday School stuff over to Danny and Megan's since we are going to be out of town next week in Mississippi! I had to mow the yard before the HOA sent us a letter. That would be bad because I am the one who makes the newsletter and have to always remind people to mow their yards!

Now, Abbey is packing and I am blogging. Thankfully, Reed is sleeping, but it was about 45 minutes of ginormous tears and wailing. Get ready Lola, Pop Rox, Enna, and Poppy. Bedtime isn't pretty right now.

On a side note, although I hate for Hurricanes to cause danger and destruction, Dolly did get my brother sent home for a couple of weeks off the rig he works on. That means we'll get to see him while were in the Magnolia state.
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