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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Birthday Surprise!!!

Today, I came home from work and the baby was asleep. Abbey asked me if I was going to mow the yard. I told her that I would after supper and she seemed a little miffed.

She sat up in the bonus room with me for a little while and then said that she felt like baking. I kept laying down and Reed woke up after a few minutes.

We played for a few minutes and I remembered that we didn't have any weed eater string and we were out of gas for the mower. Reed and I decided to go to Lowe's.

We came home and the garage door opener was not in the van. I called Abbey and she didn't answer. I called again and still no answer. I was mad, I came in and started to speak loudly to Abbey and when I turned the corner my Mom was standing there!

I was very excited. I really wanted my mom to be able to make it up here for my birthday on Friday because it is the first time that I am turning 29. Friday is not only my birthday, but it is also my mom's birthday. 7/11 is a day that we have shared all of my life.

I got a double surprise because my cousins Mary Elizabeth and Catherine Anne were with her. It is has been YEARS since the last time that I have seen them.

Reed was thrilled to see Enna and he LOVES his cousins! He is going to have a great time with them here.

So, I have gotten a wonderful birthday present already and it isn't even my birthday yet!

My 28th year has been AMAZING!

Reed thinks so too!

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