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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Whistlin' Dixie

Our little guy was quite happy with life this morning and his mom was able to catch some funny glimpses into his personality. He just cracks us up with some of the things that he does.

Earlier this week, I told you about the fact that Reed is trying to learn how to whistle. Well, apparently he has fully embraced his southern heritage and he is going to be one great whistler! Look at that perfectly O-shaped mouth!

I can hardly type, this one makes me laugh so hard!

Reed also wanted to practice his words. This word is pronounced nyamma nyamma nyamma nyamma. I wish you could hear him say it.

He is also getting really great at giving kisses.

Sometimes he just doesn't get it!

Reed loves to be happy and we are so glad!

Tonight, Reed was thrilled that Britton was able to go to church with him tonight since his parents were busy moving into their new home.

We love him.

He loves us.

We're as happy as the Partridge Family Bus.
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