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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dancing With a Fish, A Dog Named Lucy, and Funny Faces

Enna has a collection of old VBS things and she found this inflatable fish from several years ago. Today, I suggested that Reed dance with the fish. Reed grabbed the fish by the fins and danced his little heart out.

He has been so sweet today. He got to go see Mrs. Emily and Mrs. Lauren at lunch and then Apple Annie! He got to experience BOPS frozen custard and even had a great nap!

Tonight, Enna had to go to a bridal show and when she came home we were still outside. When she came inside, Reed was saying "Mama" a lot. I asked him why he was saying "Mama" so much and why he wasn't saying, "Daddy." Enna said, "Reed, say 'Daddy'." Reed obliged and said, "Daddy" twise. Then we said, say "Enna." He said, "Nahnah." We nearly flipped. Then we said say, "Poppy" and guess what? Reed said, "Poppy." We were so proud of all of his words.

Reed got a new dog, Lucy. Well, Lucy sort of just wandered up today, but she is really sweet. (We named her Lucy.) Lucy seems to have had a rough life so far because she was so scared. But, she was really sweet to us. Enna doesn't want her to stick around, but we do!

Reed loves the door at Enna and Poppy's. Look at all of the marks on it! Enna says she'll never wash it again.

We had fun making funny faces in the door.

Lots of fun.


On Monday, Abbey and I will have been married 7 years! Can you believe it? So, I plan to do the 7 things I love about her for the next several days.

7. Her Smell. I have loved the way Abbey smells since our first date. Abbey wears a fragrance called "Laugh" by Brighton. I'm sure most people have heard of brighton belts, wallets, or sunglasses, but many people don't know they have 4 fragrances. Abbey should be the poster child for "Laugh" because it works incredibly with Abbey's chemistry! There have been a few times that she's worn other perfumes that I used to get for free when I worked retail, but we always have come back to "Laugh." So, remember, the next time you see Abbey, take a deep sniff. Just remember, she's mine!
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