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Friday, July 18, 2008

Consignment Sale (Woo hoo!)

First of all, thanks Michelle for letting us have the pass! It rocked!

Now, here's a few questions. I have been crucified by my wife, cousin Jason, and wife Leslie for this little sleeper. First of all, they say it is too big and then they say that it is kitties on it. What do you think?

Here's the full view of the outfit along with a little pumpkin outfit that I also got harrassed about.

What do you think about these PJs?

Abbey says that these look like PJs. Leslie contends that it is play outfit. What do you think? It's a Le Top, which is pretty expensive.


Just a few of the Polo purchases and you know we LOVE Polo!

We like all of these little outfits.

I bought too much, but one of the problem is that I always try to envision Reed in the outfit and no matter what, it always looks cute!

The above was Jason's special request for Ella. Leslie wasn't thrilled.
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