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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Swingy Photoshoot

We left Enna and Poppy's today to head to Memphis for the night before returning home to middle Tennessee tomorrow. Before we left, we had to take advantage of the beautiful setting of our old porch swing which now hangs from a 200 year old tree in Enna and Poppy's backyard.

Reed was, of course, adorable as he sat on the swing, but as normal, he was not really into giving us his best smiles.

We were able to coax a couple of great smiles out of him, as evidenced in this cute one of Reed and his paternal grandparents. I bet they are missing Reed tonight. This is the first night he hasn't been at their house in 5 days!

Reed was so well-behaved on the trip from Jackson to Durant. Well, Reed was actually asleep the whole time, but he was good, none-the-less.

In Durant, we were able to see Reed's great-grandfather, Papa. We also saw Uncle Mitch and Lamar.

From Durant, we headed to Memphis. Reed decided not to nap on this leg of the trip, but he was very good. He read books, laughed, and talked the whole way. Many of you may know that we do not have a DVD player in our van. Some have said that we are crazy, and some don't understand why we don't, but that will be explained in another post.

By the time for our family photo on the swing, Reed was pretty much done posing. So, this is the best of the bunch.

Reed did enjoy standing up on the swing, though, I really don't think that is very safe.

If Poppy had been with us, we could have had a four-generations of Land Men photo, but since he wasn't, here's three generations. Papa loves his great-grandkiddos!

Reed has started putting his fingers in his mouth and we are trying to teach him not too. Any advice?

Pop and Lola were really excited that Reed got to spend the night with them. Lola kept asking us if we wanted to go see a movie or something. I think they wanted Reed to themselves!

We were too tired to go to a movie, but we did offer to watch TV upstairs so that they could have Reed's full attention!


And now, for my 7 day tribute to Abbey:

6. Her smile. I know you've see it. Abbey has the most beautiful smile in the world. It brightens up any photo. To quote Solomon, her "teeth are like a flock of sheep just shorn, coming up from the washing. Each has its twin; not one of them is alone." Okay, well, maybe that wasn't the most romantic use of a verse from the Song of Solomon, but it helped my point. Abbey has the whitest, widest, prettiest smile. You know how some people, myself included, have to practice their smile so as not to look like a baffoon in a picture, Abbey doesn't. Her smile is automatically perfectly shaped. It was easy to fall in love with such a beautiful smile.

For those of you who might be wondering, keep reading, not everything I love about Abbey is a physical attribute. You'll find out some of these things later!
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