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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Special Visitors

I had special visitors at work today. Abbey, Reed, Tamara, and Britton came to see me. Tamara had never been to my building, so she got to see where we create curriculum. The odd thing about it, is that whenever Reed is on the floor, everyone else seems to think he's there to see them! It's okay though, I don't mind sharing him, a little!

Gymbucks started today, so that meant Abbey and Tamara got to Gymboree right when it opened. Unfortunately, they weren't really thrilled with the selection, so it wasn't the greatest Gymbuck celebration!

Britton thought it was funny that almost all of us have suitcases in our offices. That 's for all of our traveling.

Even though Reed looks all smiles here, that was not the case for most of the day according to Abbey. He was apparently quite needy.

But, with a face like that, who cares that he wanted to be held?
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