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Sunday, June 08, 2008

VBS Finale

Reed was being very silly today. He decided that he wanted to "carry" his stuffed animal in his mouth. He thought it was really hilarious and made sure that we were watching him.

He has had a couple of rough nights of sleep, but he has been having a really great day today.

Tonight, we had our VBS Musical at church. It was a really cute presentation.

We brought Reed into the musical because he LOVES to hear music and he loves to dance.

As he was in the picture above.

Reed is so much fun to watch because his smiles just melt us!

Here is a picture of the preschoolers singing a few songs before the musical started. They loved the VBS music this year. I love that I'm good friends with the Editor in Chief of the preschool VBS. I know that she poured a lot of effort into the music for Outrigger Island, so I am ultra happy to see that it was a great success.

Reed was entranced by the kids and the music.
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