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Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday Morning Swim and CVSo far this week

Aunt Ava bought Reed a new froggy pool and he was ready to use it!

While he waited around for mommy to get ready, he was having fun running around in his "lil swimmers". He loves running around in his diaper or less (as we found out this afternoon!).

Reed enjoys contemplating life while he is in the pool.

He also loves to splash!

Reed took two naps today and he seems to be feeling much better.

I was home when he woke up from his second nap. Don't read the next sentence if you are grossed out easily. When he woke up, he had the biggest boogers EVER in his nostrils. I was a good daddy and picked them for him!

Reed woke up rip, roaring, and ready to go to CVS.

I told him that he had to get some decent clothes on.

I then had to explain to him that even though I would love it, CVS was not in our backyard!

Here's what we got today for about $5.50 cents out of pocket, lots of coupons, and some ECBs.

4 12-packs of coke
2 boxes of cotton swabs
6 bottles of shaving cream
3 Dove body washes
2 Revlon eye shadows
5 bags of hershey's candies
2 Gold Emblem candies
1 Titanium razor
1 bottle of Maalox

I will go tomorrow at lunch for 1 more bottle of shaving cream and 6 boxes of cereal.

Reed always goes with me to CVS when we go in the afternoons. He is pretty popular around there. I always get a balloon for Reed when we go in for him to play with while we shop. I always grab an anniversary balloon or something like that.

Today the clerks asked me why I didn't get him a Disney or Thomas balloon and I explained to them that we try to avoid any kind of TV characters or other "parental finance draining characters" that we have seen far too many kids become addicted too. They thought it was a pretty good idea, but they didn't want him to have an anniversary balloon, so one of the clerks blew him up a red balloon and drew a face on it.
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