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Friday, June 13, 2008

B is for Britton, My VERY Best Friend

Reed woke up in a REALLY cheesy mood today. He was cheesin' for mommy when she started taking some pictures of him.

"Mommy, do you like this funny face?"

Reed's best friend Britton came over to play with him today around lunch. We are so blessed to have friends like Brandon and Tamara, but we are doubly blessed that Britton is only a few months younger than Reed and the LOVE each other. Britton has started calling Reed, Bubba.

Tonight we went to eat at the new Cracker Barrel in Hendersonville. Then we headed to Gymboree at the new mall and then a dip in the fountain.

Unfortunately, Abbey and Mrs. Tamara let the boys sit in these UGLY orange rockers while the daddies paid the bill.

He sure made that orange chair a lot cuter don't you think?

"Hey Britton, do you want to come over and play in my pool this weekend?"

Reed took a great nap today, so he was in a pretty good mood, although the boys and me gave our waiter a good run for his money.

Can you tell that we don't let Reed watch TV? He was completely enthralled by the TV at Gymboree.

As was Britton, who like Reed, doesn't watch TV.

We found the cutest little "outback" outfits for the boys to wear to VBS next year. The theme is Boomerang Express and it was announced this week. There are several outfits with kangaroos on them.

We played in the fountain but none of the pictures turn out.
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