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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Did Someone Say Sonic?

We readily admit that we are Sonicaholics, but what we weren't prepared for is what that has taught our son. He always thinks he needs some of our drink whenever we go there during happy hour.

Abbey eventually gave in and let Reed have some of her drink.

I quickly put a stop to it when I reminded her that at 3:30 this morning Reed woke up and decided that he was ready to get up for the day. We, on the other hand, were not even the slightest bit amused by him wanting to get up so early.

Reed was not thrilled with our decision to let him occupy himself in his bed until he fell asleep again.

I had to go to Jackson, TN for work today, so I didn't get home until after my family was home from church. Reed was thrilled to see me, which you know did a good thing for the daddego.

Can you guess what was making Reed so silly?

If you guessed, Jeff's belly, you would be right. Reed decided that he wanted to bounce on my belly tonight and then he thought it was really funny to touch my belly button.

Even with a half-funny face, he's still super-cute, eh?

I wish that you could see the amount of drool that he left on my face after the picture. There was a time that it would have made me sick at my stomach, now it is just sweet baby spit!

Reed's happy faces are my absolute favorite!

Partly because he smiles with his mouth wide open, just like me!

In case you didn't know it, WE ARE SO BLESSED!
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