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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Uh Oh!

Reed has learned several new words this week. "Uh oh," "Night night," and "Thank you."

Today was Miss Jennifer day, so Reed was thrilled. Abbey was glad too, because she had some writing to do!

Abbey said that Reed ran to the door when she told him it was time to go to Miss Jennifer's house. When they got to Miss Jennifer's, he ran to the toybox! He knows that Miss Jennifer has everything he loves!

Reed went to VBS with Miss Jennifer at the church where I used to the be the children's minister. I heard that many of the people were excited to see Reed for the first time.

Reed and Abbey picked me up after work and we went to Pei Wei to have dinner with some friends from College and later Seminary.

Melissa and Jonathan have a boy named Blake and he was born about 3 weeks after Reed. We met Blake last summer before Reed was home.

Reed and Blake were very nice to each other.

Reed, however, was not in the best of moods this evening.

On our way home, we drove to the church where I meet Miss Trudy, my friend that I carpool with, to get my Jeep. When Abbey got out of the van to get into my Jeep, Reed started screaming. He screamed for 10 minutes until we got home. We think he was pooped. He perked up long enough to blow some bubbles and then it was time for bath.

It took him very little time to go to sleep.

Okay, so I know that you are dying to know what I got at CVS today! I had a bit of trouble today at CVS. It was probably the first time that I have gotten less than stellar service there.

I was checking out and the clerk (who has waited on me 10 times!) said, "You can't use this $3.00/$15.00 coupon because it is a copy. I assured her that it was printed directly from the newspaper site that I found it on, but she didn't care. She wasn't going to let it happen. Although I know three other people who were at the store at the same time that did use theirs! Anyway, then she wasn't going to let me use my coupons on my cereal, even though I had printed them directly from the manufacturers Web site. The manager came over and told me that I couldn't use them because I had copied them. I explained to her that I had printed them from the Web site and she didn't believe me. Then I showed her that each coupon had a different number on it and she believed me. Finally, the signs on the cereal said 3/$9.00 although the ad said 3/$10. I inquired about it and she told me that they were 3/$10. I asked why the sign said 3/$9 and she basically said I was lying. Then, she went to check and came back and told the clerk to give me $1.00 and then said there was a typo on the sign.

Anyway, that being said, I spent about $6.00 out of pocket today there. Then I went to another CVS to finish up and they let me use the $3 off/$15 and they were REALLY nice there, so I think that I am going to stick to my favorite CVS's and not go to the mean one.

To answer Michelle in the question about the eye shadow, I just grab what I find and I don't really pay attention to the color.

To answer Sarah about her question for the printable coupons, I haven't gotten that one yet, but yes, I would probably use it.

So, what did I get?

9 bottles of Shaving Cream
4 Tubes of Garnier Nutritioniste Face Scrub
4 Bags of Chocolate
2 Packs of Gummy Worms
6 Boxes of Cereal
1 Box of Cotton Swabs

I love my wife. She is so patient with my CVobSession!
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