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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Christmas Shopping!

Today, we woke up early to go to Atlanta for a conference that I am attending for work on Thursday and Friday. Thankfully, since it was a driving trip, Reed and Abbey got to come along!

We've been saving up for a while for this trip, but we had a special plan! Atlanta is the CLOSEST IKEA to our house and we wanted to buy Reed's Christmas presents!

Reed was mesmerized by IKEA, so mesmerized in fact, that he walked right into the pole above that he is pictured with.

Reed really liked IKEA. He thought that the kids section was incredible.

The monkey on Reed's shoulder also thought it was pretty neat!

IKEA is very family friendly, and Reed really enjoyed it.

Reed thought that this little bear-chair was pretty interesting.

Of course, this rocky toy was really interesting to Reed. He thought it was was a lot of fun.

He also found the rocky moose a fun little toy as well. Man, IKEA has some great stuff for kiddos!

Reed and Mommy picked out some IKEA Cookies. They are like animal crackers that spell I K E A.

We were able to buy ALL of Reed's Christmas presents tonight! I emphasized ALL because I might need to refer back to this post for Abbey to look at that we have agreed that Reed's Christmas presents are now purchased.

Reed was all smiles, even at the end of the day! Tomorrow is conference day, so hopefully, Reed and Abbey will have a restful day at the hotel.

I think we're going to try to hit Stone Mountain tomorrow night.

Now, for the quiz:

1. What one item do you think we forgot and now need to buy?

2. What two items above do you think we bought for Reed for Christmas?
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