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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Parenting Tips from Us: Stoppers

Before we get too much into this blog, I guess I better go ahead and tell you that Reed was EXTREMELY cute today in his church clothes. We have pictures, but they are in the camera, in the diaper bag, at Britton's grandparents house! So, you'll have to check back tomorrow to see the cutester. So, just enjoy the videos!

We guess its time that we offer some more parenting advice and this time, we're going to tell you our method for getting rid of the stopper. Some people around Tennessee call it a fooler, in Mississippi we call it a paci, but I prefer to call it a stopper.

Reed is 16 months old now, so we knew we were edging in on the time that we had to get rid of stopper. We didn't want Reed to be 3 and have a stopper still in his mouth. Anyway, on the trip to Hotlanta, we took 3 stoppers. In the course of the trip down to Georgia, Reed ultimately used all three stoppers. From that point, we only found 1 and the other two disappeared.

Yesterday, on the way home, Reed threw his stopper again and we couldn't find it. We actually decided that we would not really look for it. Therefore, we came to the end of the stopper in the Land house. Well, that is, unless Reed finds one. We're going to try to keep him away from them.

The only issue is that I am realizing that it is harder to get him to go down for a nap and to go to sleep. But, just like his transition from getting a bottle at bedtime, he'll get used to it.

So, how did you get rid of your kid's stopper?

P.S. Our friend Brandon told us that someone came to his spin class that reads our blog? His description of you let us wondering who you are? Although we're sure we know you, we're just a little puzzled as to your identity. Would you mind letting us know?
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