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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Corner!

Reed had a new experience today. Many of you offered excellent advice about how to get Reed to stop throwing his sippy cup.

After supper we were playing in the living room and Reed threw his cup. It was empty and I really wanted him to pick it up and give it too me, so I attempted a time-out on the couch.

After a minute or so, I gave him another opportunity to give me the cup. He picked it up and threw it again.

This time, I put him in his high chair for a couple of minutes and then explained to him what I wanted him to do. Once again, he threw the cup.

This time, we put him in the corner in his Bumbo chair. He sat there and pretended not to be bothered. After a little bit, I once again explained to him what I wanted him to do. This time, I modeled for him what I wanted him to do, by passing the cup to Abbey.

Once again, it didn't work. So, once again, Reed ended up in the Bumbo. This time, we learned why they recalled the Bumbo chairs a while back because he twisted and turned until he fell out! Then, I modeled for him by passing him his cup.

Finally! He understood and he passed me his cup!

The only issue with the whole discipline thing was that Reed was so funny while he was trying to get out of the Bumbo seat.

We did pretty good at not laughing though.

Being a parent is hard, but it is so much fun!

Enjoy the video below!

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