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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Aunt Ava's Here!

Today was garage sale day in the big metropolis. My friend Vicki called to tell me that one of the garage sales in the historic district had some columns for sale, so Aunt Ava and I went to check them out. They didn't turn out to be what we wanted, but we did find some nice hanging baskets and we found a wonderful antique wardrobe for little Ava's room. We'll post pictures maybe tomorrow.

Closer to home, Miss jenny was having a garage sale at her house. We bought this tent and Reed loved it!

Aunt Ava made Reed this extremely cute t-shirt for Reed. She sewed the letters of his name onto the shirt.

Reed loves having all the extrea attention. He REALLY LOVES IT!

We didn't have a lot going on today, but just spending time with the Reedster.

Can you tell that Reed was excited that he had some visitors?

We went to The Depot for lunch to help celebrate Aunt Ava's birthday belatedly and then Pop Rox had to head back to Memphis.

"No Pop Rox, pwease don't weave!"

"As long as your aren't taking Lola wiff you I guess you can go!"
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