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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Is It Really Just Thursday?

Woe! This has been one long week! It has been a great week, but a long one! Oh my goodness! Look at the two loves of my life in this picture, aren't they beautiful?

Today, we took the preteens to Nashville Shores. The weather was beautiful and the lines were short! It was incredible. The preteens that we have this week have been amazingly well-behaved. We were even shocked when they all showed up on time to leave this afternoon!

I am in the first lane on the left. Winning!

... And at the finish line.

Reed didn't go the Shores with us, but he stayed home and played with Lola.

He is having a fit with his sinus and has lots of drainage right now.

Hopefully, he will be feeling better again soon. His Aunt Ava is coming to see him tomorrow (and Pop Rox, too!). I think that she is a little excited to be getting to see him.
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