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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sunday School Party at Tri-Columns

Tonight we had a Sunday School party at Tri-Columns AKA Mr. Steve and Mrs. Lori's house. They have a beautiful home with three stately columns in their dining room. I think the columns may have been a source of contention with Mr. Steve and Mrs. Lori, so we capitalized on picking on them.

Reed was thrilled that Britton was at the party.

Reed loves Mr. Steve because he sold our old house in 2 days and helped up buy our new house! Well, that and Mr. Steve is a really nice guy!

Reed also liked Mr. Lewis. Reed must have known that Mr. Lewis is a choir teacher so he has really good rhythm.

Sometimes all of the noise and commotion confused Reed.

Reed also loved Mitchell. Mitchell is one of the kids in my Sunday School class of preteens. His parents are the teachers in our adult Sunday School class.

Mrs. Lisa and Mrs. Grace attempted a "Samson" experiment with the columns.

Here's a picture of some of our Sunday School class members who were at the party. Mr. Brandon, Mrs, Tamara, and Britton were already gone because B wasn't feeling so well.

Us, admiring the three columns.

Mrs. Grace made a really funny face.

The CVS Ministry made its debut with our Sunday School class tonight. They really loved it, but I think it confused some people, who aren't as CVS savvy as the others. I am planning on tutoring a few people now.

We're so thankful for our wonderful friends from church. I am excited about tomorrow when I get to celebrate my FIRST Father's Day with Reed home!
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