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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Today was my first Father's Day with Reed home! It was a wonderful feeling to celebrate Father's Day with my little guy and his Mommy!

We got ready for church quickly this morning, and that meant that we had time to go for breakfast at Hardee's. It was really good. Reed was extremely cute in his vest and white polo with gingham seer-sucker shorts.

Reed got me several gifts. The theme of the day was "Things I Like to Do with Daddy." Since we like to swim, Reed got me some swim trunks. Since we like to watch birds, he got me a birdfeeder.

Since we like to dress alike, Reed got me some matching patriotic t-shirts. Since I needed some undershirts, Reed got me some undershirts.

Reed and Mommy even worked on this special artwork for my office at work. It can't wait to hang it on my wall tomorrow morning. Reed put his handprints all over it!

We had a great day. After church, Miss Candace went with us to eat lunch. On the way home, Reed fell asleep and since it was Father's Day, Mommy let Reed take a nap with me. After nap, we went to CVS, but it's not a great sale week. Then, I mowed the yard (I know, I shouldn't do that on Sunday!). Abbey made pizza for supper and Danny and Megan came over to eat and watch TV.


Dear Reed,

As I have celebrated my first Father's Day with you home, I am once again, in awe of the miracle fo your life. You are the greatest gift I could ever receive for Father's Day! You are so loved. The way your face lights up when you see me, makes me so happy. I love you! Thanks for being my son!

love, Daddy

See a reminder of what we were doing last Father's Day, here.

Happy Father's Day Poppy and Pop Rox!
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