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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Little Reed Riding Hood

This morning Reed woke up ready for breakfast. He ate his biscuit while reading his "morning paper." Of course, you can see that his "morning paper" is his new musical card that Lola bought him.

In case you are wondering, yes, this is what his hair looks like on most mornings.

After VBS and Reed's nap, we headed over to Mrs. Tamara's parent's pool. It is set in a beautiful area and the pool is really great.

To help keep the sun out of Reed's eyes, we put on one of his little red hats. Reed, however, ended up looking a lot like "little Reed riding hood."

Here's a picture of the best buds together!

Reed had a lot of fun in the pool today. The more we get him in the pool, the more he enjoys it. That is exciting to us, because we really want Reed to love swimming, since both his mom and I love the pool!

Reed enjoyed riding on the raft with me.

Then he decided that he wanted to lay back like I was doing. He is so funny.

Reed then got into another raft and had fun relaxing.

Mrs. Tamara was sure to point out that Reed looked like he was pudging his tummy out to look like Daddy's! I don't think that is funny!

Tomorrow we are taking the preteens to Nashville Shores after VBX. Reed is not going to be going with us. Although he would probably not get sunburned, his skin seems to soak up the sun in an envy-worthy tan!

He also seems to have a bit of a fit with allergies. He has had a runny nose and has been having a bit of trouble breathing. Abbey turned on the humidifier, so hopefully that will help him tonight.
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