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Monday, June 23, 2008

My Busy Day! by Reed Land

Today was a busy day! I went to see my daddy at work where he plays.

I liked helping my daddy play at work. I think he plays funny games. His games aren't as fun as mine.

Daddy plays games like typing on his computer which is he quick to point out is a MAC, but aren't they all computers? There aren't even games on it. He also writes in green ink on lots of papers.

I showed daddy this pink frog and told him it would be more fun to play with it.

My daddy has lots of Bibles. The Bible is a special book and my daddy helps boys and girls learn that.

I helped daddy organize his files.

He has a lot of files!

Daddy let me play with a cool packback.

I had to tell my Daddy that I found a file that was out of place. You would think he would know the difference between Summer 2009 and Winter 2009. Gee-whiz!

Then I went to visit all of Daddy's coworkers. I think they like me.

I liked Mrs. Klista's office.

Then I went to see Miss Candace. She has an M & M ministry. It's yummy!

Daddy's floor recently got new carpet and paint. It's so much nicer!

I went to see Mrs. Pat, but she wasn't there today.

Then I started talking a lot in the hallway and I attracted a lot of attention.

I got to see Uncle Bubba.

Then, it was time for me to go home so I told Daddy bye-bye and gave him a hug.

Tonight we went to a cookout at Britton's grandparents. Laura was there and she was a lot of fun.

I got to wear my monkey leash because there was a pool and Mommy and Daddy didn't want me to jump in.

Laura took really good care of me.

Mr. Brandon is so cool. I'm glad he is my best friend's daddy. He likes 80's music and that's some good dance music.

I love my life!
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