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Monday, June 16, 2008

Baby Got Bedhead!

We are not exactly sure how Reed does this while he sleeps, but he can certainly create his own unique hairstyles.

Sometimes, it's when he wakes up in the morning and sometimes it's when he wakes up from a nap, but almost everyday there is one REALLY wild haircut.

Look at this sweet face. Reed had a good day of two pretty decent naps. He did not, however, get dressed. He woke up, had breakfast, played a little while and then was ready for a nap. When he woke up it was time for lunch and then he played a little while but still NEVER got dressed. Then, after his nap, I was home and we played and ate supper. Then, after supper, we went swimming. So, that's how the bubb went an entire day in his diaper. Guess what? HE DID NOT MIND A BIT!

The picture above and the next few are Reed's new "Posed" smile. We have never said, "Reed, smile for the camera" so imagine our surprise when he started cheesing for NO apparent reason. He's going to need some help with his "forced smile" eventually, but for right now, isn't it the cutest?

Then, he thought he might have a secret to keep to himself.

With a smile like this, is there any wonder why he has completely stolen our hearts?

Reed had a blast at the pool. After we went swimming, we all went to see Britton's new house that he is going to be moving into in a couple of weeks. He was really excited when he saw that Britton and his parents were at the house when we got there!

I need your help!!!! Keep "reed"ing!

This is our 836th post to this blog and surely you all are interested in reading about more than just what we do everyday. The problem is, we're a little stumped as to what we should blog about. So, please, please offer suggestions of what you would like to read on this blog. If you have questions about our parenting style or whatever, let us know and that should give me some good material!
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