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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

To Throw or Not to Throw

One of the suggestions for blogging topics was that we should do some Parenting topics, so here goes.

You know that we have adopted the parenting method of not using books to tell us what to do. It's worked pretty well so far, but we're struggling a bit with one thing in particular.

Reed likes to throw things. We've experimented with not allowing him to throw anything including not being able to throw his beloved and many plastic balls. That really didn't work, because what good is a ball if you can't throw it? Then, we have tried spanking his hand.

To which he usually responds with the face above for approximately 5 seconds and then says, "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey ..." until you basically fall apart laughing.

I know that it must be entertaining to be able to throw things down the stairs, but I think that it could get a little dangerous considering he will throw anything he can get over the gate down the stairs. That includes boxes, pens, phones, stoppers, toys, ANYTHING!!!

Our main issue with him throwing though, is his CUP! Reed loves to throw his juice cup. That is JUST not acceptable.

Abbey told me that she has started just ignoring him when he does it because she thinks that he is doing it for the attention. Now, I have heard of kids acting out to get attention, but doesn't that usually apply to attention-deprived children. Forgive me if I am being arrogant in this statement, but Reed is ANYTHING but attention-deprived.

So, we just don't really know what to do? Any suggestions?
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