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Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's 10:45 PM in Atlanta ...

and do you know where my kid is?

If you guessed, he's sitting in my lap as I type, you were exactly RIGHT! Why? We're not exactly sure, except for the fact that we tried for a solid hour to get him to go to sleep and he will not.

Abbey says it is because I gave him a few bites of my coffee ice cream at Cold Stone. I contend that it is because she gave him several more bites of Better Batter at CS. It is certainly not because of a lack of activity! What do you think it is?

Reed and mommy had a busy day while I was at my conference. While I was at the conference having my head pumped completely full of useful knowledge, they were sleeping lately, eating a yummy breakfast and enjoying the fact that there was NO laundry to be done.

Reed also found a new toy. A telephone. Reed has rarely been around a real telephone as we don't have one in our house. He knows exactly what to do with a cell phone, but the landline still perplexes him.

Tonight, we decided to head to Stone Mountain for the laser show. When we got ready to get onto I-285 around 6:30, traffic was stopped! We decided to stop off at Moe's for supper while the traffic went away. When we were finished eating, it was around 7:30 and guess what? The traffic was still packed! So, we decided to go to the next best thing?

TARGET! I am sure you might have known that the Land's don't go on trips without hitting the local Targets. This Target was incredible. Abbey and I love the idea of downtown living, but Nashvegas just hasn't quite got all of the modern conveniences of the 'burbs. But, we realized tonight that Atlanta has it going on. They have a Wal-Mart, a Target, a Movie Theater, and a whole outdoor mall within walking distance of most of the condos. Now, if only they could figure out the traffic situation.

Reed also enjoyed his time in Target ...




Our rental car is a Mazda 6 this week. I don't hate it, but boy do we miss our van! It is really hard to get Reed in and out of that little car!

For the answers to the quiz last night:

1. We forgot .... TOOTHPASTE! Yes, even with no less than 12 tubes of toothpaste at home, we forgot the very thing that I "buy" almost weekly at CVS.

2. We bought Reed the table/chairs and the green rocky thing. The moose would have been great but it was $34.99 and the green rocky thing was only $7.99. Do the math, I (Mr. Cheap) say, do the math!
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