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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Finally Something I Can Throw!

Tonight after we got home from supper, I worked in the flowerbeds a little bit. I was deadheading the flowers and Reed wasn't really interested in helping me as he generally is more interested in pulling the fresh pretty ones. Anyway, I decided to get this sandwagon out of some of the VBS leftovers in the garage.

At first he was just playing with the sand and then all of a sudden I heard him laughing.

I looked over and he was throwing the sand in the grass and laughing hysterically!

I quickly grabbed him and dusted him off and ran to the door. I put him down ran upstairs and grabbed the camera. I ran downstairs, grabbed Reed and headed back outside. Reed was happy to start throwing his sand again.

You can tell from the picture that it was ALL over him!

I think that I have found a new babysitter while I am working in the yard. I bet Abbey will probably use the sand sometimes too!

By the way, did you notice the cute M & M's shirt Reed has on. That was a gift from Miss Candace! It is so cute!
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