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Friday, February 01, 2008

Oh The Places He Will Go!

Reed had another totally happy day! He has been napping so much better over the past few days. We have finally discovered a little secret.

... and the secret is ... A Pallet. Reed sleeps better during the day on a pallet on the floor. I am not sure if this is acceptable in all of the parenting books, but then again, we have chosen not to parent according to the books.

This new development in napping has increased Abbey's ability to do things around our house, and that makes EVERYBODY happy.

Look where Abbey found Reed this afternoon. Apparently, the base of the drum from his musical kit was exactly where he wanted to be. I am unsure, as is Abbey, of how he got into the drum, but isn't that wild! He is not one to let things get him down, he just figures a new way out.

Being his dad is so cool. I just love how he grows and changes. At the same time, I hate how he grows and changes. It all seems to happen so quickly.

What goes in, must at some point, come out. Reed decided that he was done standing inside the drum had gotten old and he decided to move onto bigger and better things.

He got to come to my work where we are having a HUGE VBS training conference for people from all over the US and I am teaching 8 conferences. Reed got to see Mrs. Ann and she was thrilled to get to see him. These sunglasses are the first ones that we have ever been able to get on Reed for more than a few seconds.

Reed loved having all of the 800 people there to look at. He was staring them down and crawling up to perfect strangers and talking to them. We have GOT to work on "Stranger Danger!"

If you can see the little string that Reed is holding you may be wondering what that is. That is my nametag holder on a little springy thing. Reed LOVES nametags.

Here's another picture of Reed headed 90 miles an hour toward something or someone!

Since our VBS theme this year is Outrigger Island, our marketing department purchased a surf-simulator. Reed had a lot of fun "riding the waves."

"Ms. Becky, can you make this thing go faster?"

We ate supper at our new Jason's Deli downtown. Reed enjoyed some of my chocolate ice cream, but he sure made some funny faces!

Tomorrow after I get home from the VBS conference, Abbey's Aunt Suzy and Uncle Jimmy are coming over. She's in town for a conference.
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