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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl XLII

Before we went to a Super Bowl get-together tonight, we had to bring out Reed's first love. He was a little antsy when he knew that she was in the living room and bedroom, but he couldn't see her.

Finally, he caught a glimpse of her when I made it to the steps. He was thrilled to see his girlfriend, who we've nicknamed "Blue Bonnet."

He was so thrilled to see her, because he hasn't gotten to see her much this week. Mommy has been getting the cleaning done while Reed is asleep, so he hasn't see Blue Bonnet out.

Look how wild his hair was today! It was going everywhere.

Lola came into town tonight because Abbey is going to a Writer's Conference this week. Lola is going to be keeping Reed until Wednesday and then Aunt Ava is coming into town.

While Abbey and I headed over to our friend's house to watch part of the Super Bowl, Reed entertained Lola with his new tricks.

We trick Reed into standing up by himself, by telling him to clap for us and he will let go and clap.

Reed loves to play with this toy. It is a lot of fun to watch the balls shoot out of it, but Reed is happy just being able to turn it on.

"No, Lola, I'm not sleepy. Why do you ask?"

I'm struggling for a caption for this one.

We bought two storage units last night at Target to put Reed's toys in. I think Reed is going to have a lot of fun emptying them on a daily basis.


Oh my goodness, did you all just see Eli pass that ball with 35 seconds left in the ballgame!!!?!?!? Come on Giants!
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