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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mommy's Home!

Reed was so happy that his Mommy was home! He was thrilled to have her walk through the door. Even though his Aunt Ava has been a lot of fun, he really missed his Mommy. We are all glad that she is home!

He surely is cute, but he has decided that his cuteness affords him the ability to wake up early. By early, I mean he was awake before I left for work this morning. Just in case you are wondering, I leave for work at 5:50 AM! Guess who was not a very happy Aunt this morning?

I had a long talk with Reed tonight about what is an acceptable time to wake up. I had a little trouble getting him to understand that the only reason that I wake up so early is to avoid the Nashvegas traffic.

In the end, I think that he understood that he is not to wake up until at least 7:00. We are going to award him with bonus points for every minute he sleeps past 7:00. Thankfully, he has no clue what bonus points really mean, so I don't think we'll have to give him any rewards for using his bonus points.

Reed had a good time playing in the tub tonight.

For some reason he thinks it is a lot of fun when he has an audience in the bathroom. Well, when you think about it, Reed has a lot of fun whenever there is any type of audience. The funny thing is that he is really not a "command performer". It really seems more like he always wants to do his own thing. I don't know wheAre Bhe BgeEts thYat from.

Today when I came home from work, Reed and I took a nap. Mommy and Aunt Ava went to the party store to look for decorations for his birthday party. They scored some really cool buys and decorations. There is one tablecloth that I questioned because it looks a little girly.

Reed loves to clap. He just can't help himself. As soon as he hears someone clapping, he starts clapping right along with them. It doesn't matter if he knows them or not, he will clap for the sake of clapping.

Reed has such a wonderful outlook on life. I hope that he will always be as happy as he is now. His happiness brings happiness to all who are around him.

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