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Monday, February 04, 2008

Reed and Lola's Big Day

Mommy went to her Writer's Conference, so Reed and Lola got to play together. Reed and Lola must have been having a blast because she didn't remember to TAKE any pictures of him!

So, I had to rush to take some pictures before I could blog. Reed got sleepy really early tonight and he decided that it was time for him to head to bed early.

It could be that he was so sleepy because he took about 6 unsupported steps tonight! He finally figured out if he waited a moment and balanced himself, he could actually take some steps and not fall!

Reed had some fun playing with the soccer ball tonight. He loves to play with his soccer ball.

In other news, Reed is starting to get his 7th tooth! This one is on the bottom, to the right of his other two bottom teeth. I think tooth numero 8 is not far behind.

Abbey and I have also found a tutor who is in school at Vandy who is going to teach us Chinese. Hopefully, we will be able to pick it up with practice. We're pretty excited about the opportunity to learn a new language and a language that is so important to our children's birth cultures.

I thought about starting to work on the taxes tonight, but realized that I had all of the adoption receipts at work. I am definitely not going to be doing any taxes unless I have those receipts by my side! That is going to be a real help to us this year.

"I will chase you, you silly ball!"

Where did those lips come from?
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