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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mixed up Snow Day!

(I apologize in advance if pictures are out of order.)

We were all pretty excited to wake up to this.
Jeff is still sick. And, no, he doesn't believe in talking in third person. Jeff has retired to the bed early tonight. I took him back to the doctor today, because he wasn't feeling any better. He had blood work done and a chest x-ray. Nothing was found, and our doctor gave him some cough medicine and a steroid shot. She said he should be feeling better soon. Reed still has not shown any physical effects of his ear infection.

Luckily, school was closed, so our neighbors Jenny and Mia were home. They graciously agreed to watch Reed for us. I've been told everyone (including Mrs. Jenny) had a grand time. I promise pictures will follow, but I have to get them from Jenny.
(imagine cute pictures here)

After we returned home, I decided it was time for Reed to experience snow up close and personal. He got all bundled up. (Okay, I helped him a little.)

Then, we headed out on our great adventure to the back deck. At first, he was interested but unsure.

I think this one speaks for itself. In Reed's defense, once I was holding him, he wanted to touch the snow.

Don't let the above picture deceive you. Reed generally is very happy. Let's look back at earlier in the day, when the snowflakes only appeared on his pjs.

And, as if you needed to be reminded of Reed's love of balloons, here you go. Mommy + pacifer + balloon = perfect nap!

Hopefully, Jeff will be feeling better tomorrow. We got to speak with our favorite friends in Ireland - Jimmy and Meilyn tonight. We skyped with them, and it was great. We miss them, but we know they are sharing Christ in a far away land. So, my challenge to you tonight is call up an old friend (well, they don't have to be old physically, although that's fine, too...just think of someone you haven't talked to in a while) and brighten their/his/her day! (It counts if you drop them a letter, too. People still send those, I think!)
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