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Monday, February 11, 2008

The Difference Between Night and Day!

Reed had a bad night last night. He was not feeling so hot. He woke up around 9:30 with a really runny nose. He was having trouble breathing because he wanted his stopper and he couldn't breathe through his nose. He did not want us to put him down, so we decided that he could sleep with us.

As you can imagine, a sickly baby in the bed with you does not mean that you are going to get a lot of sleep. Reed tossed and turned and cried most of the night. It was not a very restful night for us.

So when the alarm clock when off this morning at 5:15 AM, guess who was not ready to get up?? That would be me. I got up just long enough to call one of the administrative assistants at work to let her know that I would be taking a half-day today.

Reed woke up at 7:00 and after breakfast he was rip, roaring, and ready go. He laughed and talked and played hard. I was laying on the couch and would lift him in the air around his waist so that he would have to balance. He thought it was HILARIOUS! He especially thought it was funny when he would fall forward and plant his face in my chest.

He was still pretty runny-nosed throughout the day. I think he had a little bit of Ibuprofen and took two pretty good naps, but otherwise, you wouldn't have known he was sick at all. We actually think that he got sick from some kids at church, so LET THIS BE A LESSON TO ALL OF YOU WHO WONDER: Don't bring your kids to church if they are sick. Speaking as a former children's minister, I feel free to say, that although we really want you to be at church as much as possible, we really don't want to infect the rest of the kids with illness.

We played hard when I got home from work and Mommy continued to work on getting things ready for Reed's birthday. We are going to go on our Valentine's date tomorrow night. I think we are going to go to Cheesecake Factory! Yum!

Since becoming a father my list of favorite things has been modified a bit. One of my favorite things is to see my boy smile and another favorite thing is hearing him laugh!

Reed decided that my glasses looked extra tasty, so he was more than willing to take them from my head and give them a chew.

Oh my goodness? Is this not the most hilarious face? I think his mommy must have been doing something silly in the picture because he is looking like: What?

Although Reed wore his Jammies all day long, his mama (HE's been saying "Mama" ALL DAY LONG!) decided to style his hair. I think it is really cute. It is wild though, isn't it?

In case your wondering, the answer to the question is NO! He never closes his mouth. It is almost ALWAYS open.

I think that he read almost every one of his books today. He was constantly picking them up and patiently thumbing through each of the pages. I am glad, because before now he has shown very little interest in books and we named him Reed for Pete's sake!

Reed is excited because tomorrow night Ms. Candace is coming over to keep him.
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