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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Many Faces of Reed

I am finally starting to feel a little better, however, just when I think that I am better, I get really sick again! I was actually thinking that it might be possible for me to be able to go to work tomorrow, but as quickly as I thought that I was sick again! All of this illness has led me to think about a few things.

1. When I was growing up and still addicted to "The Brady Bunch" I always wondered why they stayed in their rooms when they got sick. When I was little and sick, I could be found in the living room watching TV on the floor, on couch, or possibly even in my parent's bed, but NEVER would I be in my room in bed. Now, that I am older, there is nowhere that I would rather be when I am sick than in my bed. I don't want lights, I don't want TV, I don't want sound!

2. Single parents deserve a pat on the back! I can't imagine being sick like I have been and having to take care of Reed at the same time. I know that there are some single parents who read our blog and I want them to know that our hats are off to you! My only assumption is that one must have an incredible familial or friend support system in place for such a time.

3. Men are babies. I readily admit that I am probably king of babies when it comes to being sick! Abbey has some kind of amazing threshold for sickness, but not me. I mean, I gag when I see the tongue depresser. The doctor said, "Okay, just say 'Ahhh' really good for me and I won't use it." Abbey is also an incredible nurse. She must be exhausted. She always takes the best care of me when she is sick!

4. I miss this face when I am sick. The doctor said that I shouldn't be contagious anymore after 48 hours on the antibiotics, but we waited longer. That means that I have hardly even seen my little guy since I have been sick. Today, since I was feeling a bit better, still exhausted, but better, I got to play with him a bit.


And now ... the latest edition of "The Many Faces of Reed"

"Give me all of your fruit puffs and nobody gets hurt."

"Beautiful Eyes, Even in Black and White"

"No, Mama, I am not up to anything"

"I was just about to say that"

"Sometimes, I get this sour look on my face"

"If you had to big front teeth like mine, you'd show them off too."

"Can I have a million dollars please?"

"Dada, I bet you tell that story all the time."

"But WHY Can't I go down the steps by myself?"
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