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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Birthday Toys, Funny Faces, and Basgetti

Reed was happy today to get some of his birthday toys out and play with them. This is a learning barn that Mia gave him. It has animals, shapes, and letters. Reed really doesn't like it when the animals are put in the right place. He feels very responsible for rescuing them from their position.

This is his pose for "Make Me a Supermodel." He is trying to got for the provocative cow in the mouth look.

Reed also loves his firetruck. It has a working light and moving parts and lots of fun.

This is Reed explaining to us how the firetruck works. He went into great detail, remembering every point. Below is a transcription of the talk:

"Ba ahhhh pu pu pu bop bop bop buh mama di di ba ahh oh eek."

As you can see, he didn't miss a single point.


And now ... "Funny Faces By Reed" : An artist's look at himself.

"I Think I Have an Underbite"

"Could These Eyes Get Any Bigger"

"Even My Nose Smiles"

"Don't You Wish Your Lashes Were Long Like Mine"

"Don't Worry, Be Happy"

"Mommy, This is My Show"

"If I Ruled the World"

"And I'm Proud to be an American"

"It Takes a lot Less Muscles to Smile than it Does to Frown"

"Can You Laugh With Your Mouth Wide Open"

"I'm Not Laughing At You, I'm Laughing With You"


Next Up, Basgetti

Tonight Abbey fixed Spaghetti. Reed loves noodles. Wait, let me restate this, REED LOVES NOODLES!

He had so much fun chowing down on the basgetti that Mama fixed.

He was grabbing it up like we were going to take it away from him.

In the words of one of his most beloved toys, "Slow down, little fella."

"Mama, this is good basgetti."
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