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Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Pallet

Reed woke up early this morning. Which shouldn't be a surprise because the only day he sleeps late is the only day he can't sleep late, which would be Sunday morning.

Reed was confused and kept looking out the window because he knew that Daddy was supposed to be home on Saturday. Unfortunately for him, I had to work today and didn't get home until 2:30!

When I got home, Reed was asleep on his pallet. I think one of our blog "reed"ers was a little confused by the word "pallet" yesterday. While, it is true, that there are wooden "pallets" used for transporting cargo, that is not what we were referring to. We make a pallet out of an afghan and roll it for a little pillow for him.

Does anyone out there know where to get a little baby pillow? Reed needs one because he loves to sleep on a pillow, but I have heard that they are not safe for babies. Is there something we could get for him for his baby bed?

After I got home, of course, I picked Reed up and let him lay down with me for a while. While we were napping, Abbey was working very hard cleaning up the house. She's been a cleaning machine this week. She was also in need of some "just get out of the house time" so we headed to eat at Demo's with Nana and Putty Sprinkles, and then we went to Target.
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