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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Chinese New Year - Taiwanese Association Celebration

This morning, in an attempt to stave off Reed's crazy new wake up schedule, I got Reed out of the bed at 4:00 AM and into ours. This only somewhat worked, as around 6:15 he woke up. I fed him breakfast upstairs in hopes that he would not wake Abbey up.

Tonight we went to a potluck with the Nashville Taiwanese Association in celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Reed got to enjoy some traditional Taiwanese desserts. It was fun to be the minority again. It kind of reminded us of being in Taiwan all over again.

This is David and Tammy. They sat across from us and were most helpful. They LOVED Reed.

It was funny because I noticed that several people sort of looked at us and couldn't figure out why we were there. In fact, when it was time to pay dues and register, the lady just waved us by (The president of the association finally told them that we were members).

We started to understand why people were kind of staring at us when David asked me what our connection to Taiwan was.

I was sort of taken aback, but managed to get out that Reed was from Taichung.

Tammy nearly shouted, "He isn't yours! He looks just like you guys."

Apparently Reed is starting to look like us. I was a little bit shocked just because you would think that people from his native country would recognize him as being Taiwanese.

We went on to explain that he was from the Amis tribe, which we got the always, "That means he will be a great singer and very musical!" (that's fine with us!) Tammy said that also explained why he doesn't look as "Chinese" as the rest of the Taiwanese people. That also explains his beautiful eyes and coloring.

Reed had a great time!

Soon it was time for the dragon to come.

Reed loved the dragon. He was totally mesmerized by him.

Many of the kids loved picking on the dragon by hitting him with balloons. I am sure that I know one little guy that will be right there with them next year.

See how into the dragon Reed was.

Happy New Year!

The Nashville Chinese Baptist Church provided some music. They sang Amazing Grace and What a Friend We Have in Jesus in Chinese. It was very neat to hear.

I am not exactly sure what was happening in the following picture, but it must have been exciting.

Of course, Reed had a lot of fun smiling and befriending all of the people at the party. Tammy commented that it is very unusual for Chinese babies to be so outgoing. She said that they are shy most of the time. I assured her that Reed was an Extraordinary little guy!
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