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Monday, February 18, 2008

Reed Visits Mia and Annslee

Reed is so blessed to live across the street (formerly next door) to one of the cutest little girls in the world, Mia. Mia also happens to be best friends with another of one of the world's cutest girls, Annslee. Today, Reed was doubly blessed that he got to see his favorite neighbor Mia and Annslee, who was over for a visit.

What was Reed's initial thought? TERRIFIED! According to Abbey, Reed was scared to death of being around Mia and Annslee at first. I think that Reed was not ready to the energy that it seems both Annslee and Mia evoke when they are with each other.

Eventually, Reed warmed up to the girls, but I think that it was a bit of difficulty for him. His experience with children thus far has been either much older children or babies that are around his same age. He hasn't had much experience with highly energetic preschoolers!

Sir Slobberpants has been busy slobbering over the past couple of days. At first we were a little worried that he may have strep throat or a really bad cold, but we think that it is his teeth. He is getting some bottom teeth and chewing big time on anything that wouldn't chew him back.

Can you see the moisture on his shirt and the little ball of drool at the bottom of his chin?

Tonight when I got home from work, we decided to head to the mall to look for Abbey's Easter dress. The photographer from Reed's birthday is going to do his One-year-old pics and we are going to get her to do a family picture of us in our Easter digs. We ended up finding something that would go perfectly with what Reed and I are wearing so we were exciting.

I know this one is blurry, but just look at how much more drool is on Reed's shirt now! Reed was pretty tuckered out by the time he got home and done with his bath.

In other news or not really news, but more of I'm almost embarrassed to post this, we are watching "My Dad is Better than Your Dad" on TV. This show goes against everything I feel is appropriate for children!

Those of you who know me better know that I am not athletic and certainly I am not a sports competitor. As a social worker and then children's pastor, I had the pleasure of being invited to many children's events. My pleasure often would turn to displeasure as I watched fathers from my church and otherwise yell, scream and cuss at the coaches, refs, and often their own children. The last tee ball game that I went to, there was actually a parent who got arrested for yelling at the coach. Now, I am not saying that children should be immune from competition and I am not advocating the avoidance of sports, but I do wish that parents would learn to control themselves and realize that their children are playing a GAME. This game will probably not be remembered tomorrow and it certainly won't be making any headlines. Well, it won't be, unless the parent goes off on someone and the cops have to be called! I tend to not be a good fan, because I often cheer for every kid! The preceding rant is a result of several fathers acting like the ones that I have just talked about it on this show.

So, after my rant, let me assure you that Reed will be allowed to play sports, but he will not be yelled at when he misses a pitch or accidentally runs the wrong direction. He will be encouraged to play hard and be committed to his team, but he will certainly be taught that it's just a game and it's about having fun.

When I played tee-ball, I was on the White Sox. We never won a game, but I loved playing. Why? Because we got a hot dog and a coke after every game!
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