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Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Party of the Century

Joshi was thrilled to be going to Reed's First Birthday Party!

Uncle Brookie and Aunt Ava got to spend time with Reed. He was excited to see them.

Uncle Bubba got to come to Reed's birthday party.

So did the cutest neighbor in the whole wide world, Mia!

Mr. Brandon and Mrs. Tamara work on writing their notes to Reed.

Enna writes her note.

Lola and Uncle Brookie write their notes.

Uncle Bobby and Uncle Trae write their notes.

Reed's best friend Britton came to the party!

It is a Taiwanese tradition to put a baby in front of a bunch of items that represent possible occupations on his first birthday. The first item he chooses will dictate what his occupation will be. We had the following items out:

1. Airplane - pilot
2. $20.00 - famous musician or banker
3. Medicine - pharmacist
4. Police Badge - Policeman
5. Sandal - Missionary
6. Bible - Minister
7. Thermometer - Doctor
8. apple - teacher
9. Pen - Writer / Editor

Reed chose the airplane.

We gave him a "Backup" try and he chose the $20.00 bill.

Of course, we are not superstitious at all, so we just did this for fun. We want Reed to be what God wants for him!

Reed really thought the candle on his cake was exciting. He was just thrilled at the aspect to touch the flame!

At first, he was tentative with digging into the cake.

He was also sleepy, but he got the hang of it after a while.

He's a classy baby, so you know he wanted to use a fork instead of his fingers.

Not much has changed when it comes to Reed and gift-opening, so thankfully, Mia was there to help Reed open his WAY TOO MANY presents!

Reed's girlfriend Raleigh, Mrs. Holly, Ms. Jennifer, GiGi, Putty and Nana also came to the party.

Ms. Debbie, Mrs. Jenny, Poppy, and Pop Rox were at the party as well, but we didn't get pictures of them!

When it was all finished, Reed had a wonderful party! It was a great time. Reed was EXHAUSTED, but after a little nap, he was all smiles.

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