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Friday, February 15, 2008

Joshi Comes to Visit

Reed had a rough day today. It started with our trip to CVS last night. I can't stand the idea of my baby hurting and he has had a rough cold for the past few days. I decided to ask the pharmacist if there was anything to give a baby with a cold. He said that everything had been pulled. I told him that I had taken Dimetapp as a child and wondered if it would still be safe to give Reed some. He said that people abused the medicine and that is probably why they took it off the market. He told me that it was okay to give Reed a small dose. Now, my memories of Dimetapp were a delicious grape flavor and sleepiness. So, I gave Reed a small amount before he went to sleep. Before we even went to bed, he was WIDE AWAKE! Apparently, dimetapp makes him WIRED!!! Needless to say it wasn't easy to sleep last night with a really energetic baby! He didn't sniffle though!!!! We will not be using Dimetapp at night any longer!

We've been especially excited about Reed's birthday because ALL of our family is coming into town. Aunt Aly, Uncle Bobby, and our sweet, sweet niece Joshi came into town already! Poppy, Enna, and Uncle Trae are coming to town right now! Lola, Pop Rox, Aunt Ava, and Brookie are going to come tomorrow. We've got to start decorating at some point in the morning.

Abbey has been working really hard to get his cake made and working on party favors.

Look at Joshi's cute hat! Check back tomorrow for the birthday update!
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