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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Reed's Busy Day!

Reed had such a busy morning. For the past couple of mornings, he has decided that sleeping was overrated and woke up around 6:15-6:30. Lola now declares that we are lying when we tell her that he will actually sleep until 7:00-7:30.

Here, I think he is explaining to Lola that he is going to read her a book.

"Lola, this is a book about a wabbit named Fumper. Fumper is a funny wabbit. He wikes to eat cawets."

Umm ... Reed, buddy, the book is upside down.

"Excuse me, I was weading a book."

Look at him! Don't you wonder what's going on in his mind sometimes? Right now, there is really no way to know, because all his says is Baby or Bye bye.

Reed is taking after his friend Caden with his new toy boxes. His goal is to absolutely empty them completely as quickly as possible.

Here is Reed looking at one of his animals that his birth family sent him. We are not exactly sure what kind of animal it is, but it really is cute.

Reed loves to praise the Lord! He lifts his hands all the time.

Reed was also excited that he got to come and see Mama today! She has been enjoying her Writer's Conference, but I think that she misses her family a bit.

We're expecting bad weather tonight and many of our Tennessee neighbors have had bad weather. Please keep everyone in your prayers tonight.
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