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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wheels, Deals, and Thrills

Mr. Reed decided that he wanted to wake up at his normal 6:30 AM today. I decided that was entirely too early, so I went and got him. I put him in bed with us where he sleep contentedly until almost 8:00.

We had to get up at 8:00 and get ready for our big day. We thought that we were supposed to get to the consignment sale by 10:00, so we had a plan. First off, mommy would get ready. I would get Reed his breakfast and then get him dressed (I did a good job didn't I?). After Abbey was ready, I got my shower and we were off 3 minutes before our goal time of 9:00 AM. We got the consignment sale ticket out and realized that we couldn't get in until 11:00.

We killed off a little time with a brief stop at Chick-fil-a for breakfast, then headed towards Franklin. Since our plans for the day included me going to the consignment sale (Abbey does not plunder) and Abbey taking Reed to get his haircut, we modified the plans to take Reed to get his haircut first.

This made Reed's 4th haircut in the 5.5 months that we have had Reed. The kid can grow some hair. After the haircut, Abbey and Reed dropped me off at the consignment sale and Abbey headed to Kay Kay and Papa Ken's to drop Reed off for a little playtime with their puppy Harrison. Reed loves Harrison and Kay Kay loves Reed. Abbey headed to Target for a little shopping relaxation.

I scored some really great summer clothes for the Reedster. Most everything was that I purchased was Gymboree, but there were a few Gap and Polo outfits. Abbey even found a few good buys in Target!

Reed, of course, could care less about our good buys.

After I was done at the sale, Abbey picked me up and we went on a date. Back in the summer when we were in Texas for a week, we had the opportunity to eat at our favorite steakhouse, Saltgrass. We mentioned to our waiter that we would love it if there was a Saltgrass in Tennessee. He told us that he thought they had just opened one. I forgot all about that, but Abbey kept it in mind. Abbey planned today's date, so she looked up Saltgrass and we found it was in Franklin. We had a delicious meal and then headed to the mall.

It's Gymboree baby sale time, and we have giftcards and a 20% off entire purchase coupon, so we had to head to the big G. We found a few items, but the mall was really busy. We picked up a present for Miss Candace (who's turning 30 on Sunday!!!) and then we headed to pick our baby boy up!

When we got there, Reed was just going down for a nap. Kay Kay reported that Reed went ROUND AND ROUND throughout the rooms of there house following Harrison wherever he went. Reed was EXHAUSTED. He must have had a great time. We stayed and talked for a little while to let Reed get a small nap in and then we headed to Uncle Bubba's.

Uncle Bubba was glad to see Reed since he is going to be on vacation next week and will be out of town.

We decided to go eat at Chili's since Uncle Bubba had a giftcard and who doesn't love a giftcard?

Reed was hungry, so he ate on a coaster while I got his food ready. Of course, it took me a little longer to get his food ready because I started taking pictures. After supper, we headed to Cold Stone Creamery for a little dessert. yum!

Reed is like his mom and dad in that he doesn't like to have shoes on. Unlike us, he thinks it is okay to take them off whenever he pleases. Tonight, Reed was sitting fairly quietly at the table and then all of a sudden a shoe came flying onto our table!

It was not long, thereafter, that a sock followed! We had a busy day and Reed was tuckered out when we finally made it home. He had his bottle and went straight to sleep. We're excited about tomorrow because we bought some new gel for his hair! Woo-hoo!
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