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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Can't Get Enough of that Bloon!!

The bloon has been gently floating along the ceiling of our family room for the past several days. It is losing air and is starting to be a little "saggy" That doesn't deter Reedamundo though, because he just loves that bloon. You can ask him where the balloon is and he will look up and find it.

As you can tell, the slobber factor is still very much a part of Reed's day. We think that this teething and slobbering is causing him to reject his stopper. I have never heard of a child weaning himself from a stopper, but for some reason, it has just lost its appeal to Reed. He used to not be able to go to sleep without it, but for the past two nights I have put him down without it and he has not even seemed to notice it. In fact, last night, he seemed to sleep better than he has in days.

One thing that has started, though, is his clinginess. He has had trouble for the past couple of days each time we put him down. He is not really showing stranger anxiety or anything like that, because he is happy whenever anyone is holding him. It could be that his cold has just been bothering him. His nose has not been running that bad today, so hopefully that will not be an issue very much longer. Reed is generally a really good independent player.

Reed was supposed to start Mother's Day Out today at a local church, but because of the "snow" (it melted rather quickly) the schools opened an hour late and MDO was cancelled. Abbey decided that since they were already dressed and out, they would go eat lunch with Britton and Tamara.

Reed has a lot of trouble when it is time for a photo as you can tell. We can never seem to catch him smiling!!! Not!

Reed's walking is really starting to improve. He still loves to walk around with his tractor, but he doesn't really need it anymore. He can always pull himself and as long as you don't try to get him to walk, he will walk wherever he intends to go. If you try to get him to walk though, he is going to hit the ground and crawl.

The absolute favorite part of my day is when I come home and get to see how happy Reed is to see me. Today, I had to ask a question of Abbey while I was still downstairs and they were in the family room. When Reed heard my voice, he ran to the gate looked downstairs and squealed. Let me tell you, that does a lot for the daddy self-esteem.

As you can tell, Reed not only wanted some Daddy time, he wanted Daddy to help him play with the bloon.

Sometimes it amazes Reed that I am his Daddy!

Unfortunately, there was a really cute photo that we missed right before this one was taken. Reed decided to put his mouth on my nose and then chomp! My nose had teeth marks. It was funny, but quite painful! He is such a sweet kid though!
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